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VANS by C2H4® Style-36 “Trailblazer”

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“Born in the ruins, they rush to persist uphill battle, work hardly exchanged for equivalent TIME and MEMORY. This pair of shoes was born for UNDERCLASS in Post Human Era. After the precipitation and polishing of time, it being like full of uncertainty but suitable for them.”

C2H4® X VANS Style 36, by applying the destruction and washing process, the shoes imitate the real state of the apparel ware by UNDERCLASS residents in C2H4® fiction universe "Post Human Era". A worn-out metal silver ring is added to the heel of the shoe, which has a layered effect, at the same time equipping as a functional component in the space environment where the shoe usually exists, aims to achieve better adaptability. ECCO® Temperature Sensitive Leather was adapted to the tongue as a C2H4® branding feature of the current season products line, serves to perceive temperature information as soon as possible in all required environments, providing convenience for underclass people in the context. The basic shoelace is replaced with a thicker and wider style, which increases the layering of that as well as the durability of the shoe. Metal rivets are added to the shoe holes, which concept comes from the ruins in UNDERCLASS from "Post Human Era". The new Style 36 comes more efficient and timeless for UNDERCLASS.

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